December 18, 2012

We have been busy

Getting ready for Christmas is a full time job.
But one little girl has been having fun.

Enjoying a Christmas get together with pre-school friends.


Santa look-alike!

This little Elf has also been busy around our house!

December 09, 2012

Mall horse!

She was freaked out the horse was going to turn on!

can you tell how tense she is?

December 04, 2012

Christmas Shopping

The magic of the season and my last one who "believes"

So fun to watch her take it all in. Her excitement for each holiday raises each year!

Christmas, of course, is her favorite. Today while at Costco, she thought she better get some ideas to share with Santa.

This big ol Cinderella, is her number one pick.

How about a kid size recliner to watch tv with daddy?

Santa, mom would like to pass on both, but I have some great ideas for you! 

November 21, 2012

Slug Bug part 2

This isn't just any slug bug. It's a Barbie hot pink sparkle slug bug.
Jadyn is in love . We see it around town alot.
It happened to be in the mall parking lot today so we jumped out and got a fast picture!

November 11, 2012

Movie Glasses

Returning from seeing Wreck-it Ralph in 3D.

Loving the 3D glasses!

November 10, 2012


Jadyn and I were home alone tonight, so I decided we should do something "girly".
We decided that would be cookies, yes even out of a tub is making cookies in my book! Ohh they are good! I did make the frosting drizzle by scratch!

Jadyn had fun as you can tell in the pictures! I love when she's weird! A crazy girl who's sporting a black eye today from hitting heads with a friend.

October 29, 2012

Pumpkin patch!

The kids went to a small local orchard this year!
Picking pumpkins and apples!!

Jadyn's good friend Kieley

October 27, 2012

"Please Mommy"

What I won't do for this girl!

I just about needed double wide isles to maneuver this thing through Albertsons.

October 17, 2012

Kindergarten Pictures

Kindergarten 5 yrs. old
I love them!
I had a friend who's a professional photographer do them this year instead of the school.

October 14, 2012

Ben is home...

And lots of work! I would say he's as much work as a newborn baby, without a diaper on!

But boy, he's a little sweet cuddlier. Our first night home was awful, he cried for hours and hates his crate. We got about 4 hours of sleep.

Last night was much better. He was up to potty twice, a little crying and back to sleep in his crate!

He's slowing adjusting to being away from him Mom and 9 siblings.

He is a nipper so Jadyn tries to stay away from him. She's up on the couch out if his reach alot!

Potty break on the drive home.
7 weeks old
napping anyplace that looks good!

October 08, 2012

Camping Trip

We had a great time! Thank you FCC for the fun weekend.

A great new friend, Lilly
Some of the 5yr. old group
Getting her face painted
Mommy & Jadyn rowing in the duck pond
My lil Camper
Our cabin! we lucked out and got a new one with heat and a potty.
Chow time
Getting ready to tie-dye
Thank you Angie & Ramiey for spending the weekend with us. It was so good to meet you both!

October 05, 2012


Jadyn and I are going camping this weekend with a group called "Families with Children from China" (FCC)

We are super excited as we have waited months for this weekend. We do all activities we are able to, as I want to keep her in contact with her heritage.

We are also getting to finally meet some long time Internet friends, Angie and Raimey.
Raimey shares the same heart condition as Jadyn. She has had 1 of  2 surgeries so far.

Us Mom's, we are looking forward to sharing stories of our girls.

We are also cabin-mates this weekend!

Shoo Bears, here we come.

October 02, 2012

Her Car

Jadyn is pretty much obsessed with this car!

She can spot them blocks away. We play slug bug every time we are in the car and she usually wins!

A photo with her standing by the car is a must, if possible.

Someday I may be brave enough to ask a stranger if she can try out the drivers seat!

Yes, she's only 5 and has picked out her future car!

September 23, 2012

We're Expecting!!

A new puppy!

Meet Ben aka Benjamin
Our new black lab.
We went to meet him yesterday.
He's 3 weeks old, born August 26, 2012. He's the sweetest cuddlier.

We will be bringing him home October 13. The kids are so excited.

September 05, 2012


Your know your five yr. old is ready for school when she tells you at the bus stop "mom don't come to the bus today after school, I want to come home and ring the door bell like a big kid"

school is hard work, but a nap at dinner time is not such a good idea.

September 04, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Jadyn was so excited! So was I, for her that is.
She is our last and this is the 5th time I have gone through this, so there were no tears.
Just happy hugs. She loves school and her teacher!


Lining up outside, girls on the left, boys on the right.

Have a great year!!