December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas

Jadyn had a awesome Christmas, she enjoyed her gifts and was ready to open again and again.
Because our family lives out of town we had more than one Christmas celebration.

Christmas morning

Thank you Santa

This is what all that hard work is about!

Checking out her new toys.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas pictures

Jadyn showing the photographer some ballet moves.

December 16, 2010

Santa take II

Take II

She has been sooo excited to go see Santa. As soon as we got there and she saw him she ran over to the area. We walked into the fenced off area where he sits and it all changed!

She no longer wanted anything to do with him. I could not talk her into it or bribe her (yes, that sometimes works) even Santa's helpers tried. She agreed to stand by him but nothing more.

They took her picture, We paid and left. As we walked around the mall she suddenly said "I'm ready to sit on Santa's lap now". I said "are you sure?" she was, so we walked back and sure enough, she climb right up there and even gave him a hug.

Santa was so happy she came back, he got up and came over to tell me she made his day by returning.

I think she was disappointed in herself for not sitting with him. I'm so proud of her.

Take I
What you don't see, because Santa's helper cut it out, is me holding her left hand.

Take II is such a happier picture!

Play date

Jadyn and her good friend Aleah had a play date yesterday at Aleah's house. We met them last summer at Jeron's Martial Arts class. They live an hours drive away so we don't see them as often as I would like.

It's funny what little 3 yr olds notice, Jadyn noticed Aleah's Asian eyes the day they met. They formed a great friendship that day and so did their Mom's!

She even got Jadyn to eat an orange

Jadyn's not a fruit lover. But if your friend says there good, they must be!

pizza face

December 13, 2010

Road Trip to.......

Canada. We crossed another boarder, passports in hand for a long weekend of hockey.

Some firsts for Jadyn.....

wearing snow bibs inside of a restaurant

enjoying her first Starbucks (hot choc. with a pump of vanilla)

Not caring at all what the road conditions were like.

We had a great time visiting Canada and watching G play hockey, but so happy to be back in the USA.
Where Mom's cell phone works for more than just taking pictures!

December 08, 2010

We're Back!

Sorry for the long delay in posting.
Jadyn had walking pneumonia, she was pretty sick for about 8 days. We had a good case of cabin fever by the time she was well enough to go out. She had a cough that was so ugly I would not take her anyplace. I would have ran the other way if she wasn't my kid!. Some strong antibiotics and breathing treatments helped a lot.

I still think she gets sicker than the average kid, not sure if it's because she was in a orphanage for 2 years and not around too many germs or if it's that her immune system is still weak from heart surgery.

She's well now and that's a good thing because her and Mom have lots of Christmas shopping and Santa Clause visiting to do!

Going shopping!