June 26, 2010

Boats, Beaches and Dry Bottoms

We finally had a free weekend with sunshine. We got our boat cleaned up last week hoping that the nice weather would hold. We wanted Jadyn to experience her first time in the boat.

After the hunt for a blown fuse, we finally got out on the river. (Good job Daddy) Jadyn loved the boat, she showed no fear even when Daddy decided to "open it up" as he calls it.

I, for the first time and hopefully the last, forgot to replace my memory card in my camera. So these pictures were taken with my cel phone.

Jadyn tried to climbed out of the boat and jump into the water when we got to the beach. She wasn't to impressed with the temperature, it made your feet numb pretty fast. She really enjoyed playing along the shore line.

Jadyn is going to have to learn some river/ beach etiquette quickly, she was upset every time she got sand on her hands or feet. And after a couple juice bags, she had to go potty. How do you explain to a 3 yr. old that you have potty trained to use one means of...... well, you get it.

The river or bushes just was not going to work for her! She was plain miserable trying to hold it. Next time the potty chair is coming the the river with us! Just in case your wondering, Yes, she did finally go.

"you want me to go where?"

enjoying checking everything out

Jeron will show her the ropes, this boy has spent hours here on this very beach!

June 20, 2010

Grandpa and Flowers

Jadyn got to meet her other Grandpa this weekend. He is on vacation visiting his siblings and happened to be close enough for us to make a day trip to see him.

They were very excited to see each other.

love at first sight

and the hug!

Grandpa's brother has such a beautiful yard, it is full of all kinds of flowers. Jadyn really enjoyed smelling all of them

This was her favorite flower

I had to remind her a couple times that we are just smelling!

No flowers were actually picked during our visit!

Despite a case of bed head and the sun shinning in just the wrong place, this is one of my favorite pictures. She is watching a bee with such interest.

Thank you Grandpa, for a great day!

June 09, 2010

No Nap

This is a result of no nap today. This doesn't happen very often, thank goodness!

7:30 pm

It's so rare, that I think it's funny when she gets in these moods. So out came the camera, which she wasn't too happy about either

She tried to block my view of her in any way she could

She's saying "no smile Mommy"

Her fingers and blanket always make her feel better

This picture really shows Jadyn's personality, she just couldn't stay cranky when I tickled her!

We simply adore this little girl!

June 07, 2010


Ames and the kids got me a light meter for Mother day and studio lighting for my birthday. I'm trying to learn how to use it, correctly. Jadyn is the only child in our house that will actually sit and smile for me. The boys will entertain her in the background but prefer to stay behind my camera.

Don't laugh, I wanted to see if she had enough hair for braids!

Maybe it needs to grow a little longer.

More practice. She's on the horse again, because she stays put loves him!

Jadyn, Thank you for being so patient with Mommy.
I love you!!

June 03, 2010

Memory Lane

I can hardly believe it's been 10 months since we met Jadyn!. She has grown and changed so much, she was so baby-like. Now she is a busy, talkative, happy little girl.

August 3, 2009

Oh how I loved this moment, she hasn't done this for months!

She still wears her bracelet daily

May 2010
10 months, 10 pounds, and lots of love!
ohh and some hair!
I had my camera on the wrong setting, but like the pose: (

It's boring hard work being a model for Mommy