February 28, 2010

Our girl has caught up!

Soon after Jadyn came home from China we had her tested for gross motor skill development, I knew she was very behind.

I really wanted to make sure we got her the help she needed. She tested at approximately a 12 to 14 month old, she was 30 months old. She did not know how to run or jump, she was very unstable on her feet. She looked like she had just learned to walk when we received her. Stairs were something she obviously had never been exposed to.
Her little legs weren't strong enough to even step up or off a curb.

Fast forward 4 short months since her great friend and therapist Jenny has come over to "play" and our girl is graduating! No more physical therapy. Jadyn just needed the opportunity and time to catch up!

She runs, she jumps, she climbs up and down our stairs all on her own!!

This is how it's done

One foot in front of the other!!

She has made huge strides and we are so proud of her!

I cant wait for springtime so she can play outside and continue to explore with her strong little legs.

February 16, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

The last 3 years we have had to celebrate Chinese New Year without Jadyn!

This year was different, we celebrated with Jadyn!

We went to a local celebration here in our town.

Jadyn enjoyed coloring with the other girls

and eating!

and posing for a group photo!

While in Portland this last weekend we celebrated once again, by going out for Chinese dinner with family.

Quinten and Jadyn deciding what fresh fish item to order....just kidding

Tea please!

Can you tell the Sweet & Sour Chicken was her favorite?

February 03, 2010

6 Months ago today......

We were handed this beautiful little girl, known as
Yang Jun Qi aka OUR DAUGHTER.
She was so tiny and scared.

This is our first glimpse of her!

I'm sure she was thinking who are these weird looking people!

One month after coming home, Jadyn had open heart surgery

there has been no stopping her since!

She has gone from wearing size 18-24 months to a 2-3 toddler, gained 7 pounds and grown over 2" She has learned how to run, how to climb stairs, to speake over 100 English words and count to 20. She is also fully potty trained.

Jadyn transitioned into our family so easily, she has had no problems bonding. Our adoption has been such a awesome experience for our entire family. I worried for almost 4 years about attachment, would I be able to love her as I do my biological kids?, will she love us? ect, ect. There was no need for worry!

I told our Home Study Social Worker the other day, if I could have handmade a daughter, I would have handmade Jadyn. Her personality is so outgoing and silly, she is loving, very smart, almost always happy and to top it off, she sleeps 12 hours a night. We are lucky parents!
She has recently been showing us a little 2 year old attitude at times, most often when she's tired. We will count in a firm voice, usually only to two and she figuers out that Daddy & Mommy are still in charge!

In no certain order, here are some things Jadyn loves...
to eat
her siblings
baby dolls
Aunt Kim
playing outside
pre-school with Mommy
Salad (I have to mention this as she is the only child of ours that will eat salad!)

And here are some she doesn't love...
going to the doctor
our dog
being chased
telling her it's bed time
hair cuts (you'll understand why when you see the picture below)

Here is a picture I dont think I have shared on our blog. This is Jadyn in June 2009. Right after we accepted her referral and about 2 months before we got her.

6 months ago, August 2009

Our girl now!

February 01, 2010


Jadyn loves to learn, she shows a big interest in learning so I figured I better make the most of this time with her. We have started doing Pre-school at home 3-4 days a week.

After having 2 boys who would rather play with cars and blocks at her age, this is has a big change.

She will ask for "skool" and run to the cupboard where I keep her stuff. It amazes me how smart this little girl is and how fast she learns.

She can already count to 20. She can sing the ABC song (her version) she has the tune down but not the order yet, it's funny to listen to her try. She loves to do puzzles, glue, sing songs with finger play and color with markers.
Counting the strawberries