December 22, 2009

Hair Bows!

Here is one of the bows I posted about, the link is over on the right side. All the profits from this bow were donated to a special orphanage in Beijing China called New Day Foster Home.
While taking these pictures, Jadyn was enjoying her lunch and not even paying attention to me, so I just kept clicking. I just love the innocence in her beautiful little Asian face.

we are so in love with this little girl!

December 16, 2009

For Auntie's friend Marti

Hi Marti
I just got up and found my 2 brothers home from school because we had a ice storm!

Mom says today is going to be a long day!

I want to show you my new Cin-da-relalalala. I love her and I show everyone how pretty she is.

This is what I do when Mommy tries to take pictures of me now, I play peek-a-boo!

I think I'm pretty funny!

December 12, 2009


Her little expression reminds me of the day we met her!

Jadyn loves all the pictures of Santa in books, our decorations of him and seeing him on the store shelf. So I was pretty excited to take her to the mall and let her experience Santa for the first time. As we drove there, I kept asking her if she was going to let Santa hold her? she would say "yes, hold Jadyn".

All was fine until she saw him perched in that large green chair. I don't think she understood he was a real person until he reached out for her, she firmly told him "No Sant-na". She wouldn't even look at him. I was able to talk her into sitting on his lap just long enough for this uncomfortable photo that they charged a ridiculous price for.
All for the memories, maybe next year they will be friends!

December 03, 2009

4 Months ago today

Jadyn Aug.3, 09

Jadyn today
Jadyn met us, her new family and we met her, our new daughter.
The 3rd. of each month will always be special to me.

Jadyn is doing wonderful in every aspect. She loves routine, her Daddy coming home from work, her brothers, her baby dolls, eating, her Auntie, going to her brothers hockey games, she also loves all kinds of animals.

Jadyn has a very sweet and loving personality, she is always happy, as long as she gets a nap.

Her English vocabulary is at age level even though she's only heard it for 4 months. She can say anything we ask of her or that she hears us say.
Not always good!!

She weighs 27 pounds and is 36" tall today.
She was 21.5 pounds and 34" tall four months ago.