November 23, 2010

Fall Snow

Day 3 of 20 degrees and below, I'm already tired of it and it's not even officially Winter.
Jadyn loves the snow, but only wants to play out in it for a few minutes at a time.
She's like her Mom, she hates to be cold.

A snowball fight with your brother is fun!

These pictures were taken yesterday, we have 2 times this amount of snow now.

First snow of 2010

First snow of 2009

November 16, 2010


Sit and smile, thanks to a box of Nerd candy

November 12, 2010

Open Wide!

Jadyn had her first dental check-up yesterday. She is one of the bravest kids I have ever met, you would think with all she has been through medically the last 15 months she would be terrified.

She's not, she wants to know what is going to happen and I have to stay close, but she was happy to let the Dentist count her teeth.
I'm sure this Hippo with the enormous chompers helped calm her down.

I'm happy to report no dental worries at all!
Once she is 6 months post surgery we can think about a cleaning appointment for those pearly whites.

November 10, 2010

We had some family pictures taken last week, here is a sneak peek......
Don't worry, she took more than just our backsides!
I can't wait to see all of them!

November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

From Princess Mulan!

She waited for this day for a long time. Everyday she asked "Is it time to be Mulan?"

She didn't enjoy cleaning out her pumpkin, so that became Daddy's job

Good job Dad

Halloween is at the top of her favorite Holiday list now. I'm sure it will change again when it's time for Christmas.