March 29, 2010

Happy Easter!

What's the difference between Santa and the Easter Bunny?
I'm not sure, they both look a little creepy to me. I do know that, Jadyn prefers the Bunny!

She was terrified of Santa just 3 months ago. But absolutely loves the Easter Bunny.

We saw him at the mall last week, I didn't stop because of how she reacted to Santa. Well, she hasn't stopped talking about him since.
So we went to see the Bunny today. She fell in love rubbing his furry arms, gazing into his big cloth eyes, checking out his giant feet that would wiggle when she looked at them. It was really cute.

I couldn't talk Jeron into sitting next to Jadyn, even bribing promising him a big, soft mall pretzel wouldn't work. I guess when your 8 your too big to sit next to a 6' Bunny. One might be seen by a school friend. After spending our allotted time visiting, we went and enjoyed a pretzel.
Yes, I did a little spring makeover on my blog yesterday. I'm not sure I like it yet.................

March 25, 2010

Going to pick up my friend

Just smile and wave

Off to the mall

Oh I think we should have went that way...

There's nothing better then cruising with your BFF on a warm spring day!

March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday

Jadyn's Bunny, she named her Happy Birthday

Jadyn had a great time celebrating her birthday. We had a great time watching her get so excited.

Build a Bear was a fun place to celebrate.
She had to first decide what bear or animal she wanted to make.

The decision was hard

but with lots of help from Mommy, a Flower print Bunny was it!

We then stuffed our animals!

Ahh that looks more like it! She didn't care for the flat version.

Here is Kaleb's Pick, a Dog he named Doggie

and Quinten's, an Owl he named Larry

and Jeron's, a Wolf he named Fang

We also had a Monkey, a Chick and another dog made by Preston, Elijah and Abram.

The entire store sang Happy Birthday to Jadyn, the look on her face was just darling.

We wanted her first birthday party to be special for her and I think it was!

Happy Birthday to our princess!

March 18, 2010

First of all ....Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day was spent at the Doctor's office. Jadyn started getting a cold last Sunday and she has just kept getting worse. Her Doctor was sure she had RSV, but the test came back negative. Jadyn was not impressed with the little metal wire with a ball of cotton on top that was pushed up her nose for the test. The nurse was fast and quickly handed her a sucker.

Her Doctor gave her a diagnosis of bronchitis and double ear infections and sent us home with a nebulizer machine and 3 prescriptions. I had no clue she had ear infections. Her right side is pretty nasty, she has a ugly cough and runny nose.

This girl needs to get well, she has a big party to attend this weekend as the guest of honor, celebrating her 3rd. Birthday!! We assume this will be her first birthday party, so we have planned something special for her.

Jadyn's is going here with 6 guests

After Build a Bear, we will have a family party at my Niece's house in Portland.

We have chosen Jadyn's favorite cartoon character as the theme... Kai-Lan

We cant wait to give her this
Warning... there will soon be another 3 year old driver on the road!
Stay tuned for party pictures!

March 04, 2010

29.6 pounds

and growing fast.....

6 months ago Jadyn was 21.5 pounds. She is not/was not on a special diet or high calorie food, but she is catching up to her peers, quickly.

We are seeing a new pediatrician, and she gave us a case of pediasure, I said wait, she is already flying through clothes. She is fitting into a 3t very nicely.

The goal is to have her as close to 35 pounds as we can by mid-summer. She will be having her second and final open heart surgery (Fontan procedure) and they need her to beef it up, as the Dr. called it!

Our girl is already getting chubby cheeks!

She's trying to hide them here!

ahhh there they are!!

We will do whatever it takes to get her big and strong!