August 28, 2013

How did this Happen?

Our girl is a big 1st. grader! 
And....she LOVES school! 

August 25, 2013

My Little Pony Obessed

Figurines, movies, coloring books, stuffed never ends! 
Our girl is addicted. 
Welcome to the family Twilight Sparkle.  

August 10, 2013

First Limo Ride

Jadyn was so excited and waited days for the birthday party of her best friend to arrive!
They went in a limo to a Children's Spa. It was a fun evening for all!

She returned with her hair in an Up-do, make up on and her nails painted.
Ready to go!
Here comes the Limooooooo
Sooo Excited!
Big car seat!

Ava, birthday girl is in the yellow dress.

Her beautiful hair
As Beautiful as Royalty!
Queen Jadyn

August 03, 2013

4 Year " Family Day" Anniversary

The first picture we saw of our daughter, Yang Jun Qi

One of the first things I noticed was her long skinny fingers holding the crib rail.