January 25, 2011

House Call

Our big Lab is getting old. He's over 10 now and slowing down fast. He spent a night at a cage-less boarding facility over the weekend and it takes him a few days to recuperate.
His hips just are not up to running and playing like they use to be.

Jadyn saw me give Lucas some medicine this morning and she quickly went and got her Doctor kit to help make him feel better.

Heart Head sounds good!

looking a little nervous about the shot

but he did a great job and just laid there.

what a great patient you are Lucas

yes, she's gone now, back to sunning myself.

January 17, 2011

These pictures you're about to see are Jadyn's idea.
She wanted you to see her "house" and her donkey. We got this donkey while we were in China.

She could not ride him then, she just didn't have the strength or the oxygen level that would allow any rapid movement of her legs.

Fast forward 17 months, she jumps on this guy all over the house. Which really brings me to the subject of this update.

6 months ago yesterday, Jadyn had her 2nd open heart surgery. She was put on a medication called coumadin, it's a blood thinner. This medication really scared me. I did a lot of research on it...which I really should not do because that usually makes it worse. Her cardiologist didn't give us an option, she needed to be on this medicine for 6 months.

Along with being on this medication came blood tests, usually every week while they tried to maintain a balanced level in her system. That balanced level was just achieved in December, so needless to say she was poked alot. She became very brave and would tell anyone she saw in the Doctors office that she wasn't going to cry today.

Along with me giving her gum after a poke, and the Doctor giving her a Princess sticker and band aid, it made it all worth it in her eyes. Whatever works!

I'm happy to say, yesterday was the last day our girl will take coumadin.
No more crushing pills and mixing them in cherry medical syrup
No more blood tests
No more giant bruises on her legs from bumping herself
No more watching what fresh veggies we feed her
No more coumadin clinic!

We are so happy about that!

Can't forget the "house" pictures.

This is our great find from one of my favorite stores after Christmas sale $3.00
She loves it!

January 06, 2011

Memorable Moments of 2010

Seeing her master the stairs for the first time, she was so proud of herself.

Meeting Grandpa for the first time with a big hug

Learning how to show attitude. She is always in such a happy mood, moments like this are camera worthy!

Watching her enjoy everyday of her Make a Wish gift in Maui. I think she will always remember this trip.

Having her final heart surgery. We just dreaded this time and it could not have gone any better. Her heart surgery was text book perfect and it shows!

Walking out of the hospital 8 days after heart surgery a healthy 3 yr old.

Being in the river for the first time. She just loves it.

Her 3rd. birthday, she still talks about it weekly

A daily thing last summer, running in the sprinkler

January 05, 2011

1st Dance Recital

This performance was at a Retirement home, the seniors really enjoyed watching the girls dance for them.

They performed twice. Jadyn was a little star stuck, but looked so cute up there.

In the lobby waiting for her group to dance