February 28, 2014

Good-bye teeth

Her teeth have been falling out, a total of 6 now. I knew I would be a little sad, and I am!
She has/ had the prettiest little teeth. 
I'm sure her new ones will be just as nice! 

2-14-2014 (string didn't work)

First one out! 2-17-14

 This one drove us nuts, just hanging there for a week!

second one out, finally. 2-28-14
what we have to look forward to, I hope they fit

February 03, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

2014 The year of the Horse!

We had a busy weekend celebrating. Friday evening we went to a local Chinese restaurant where families who have adopted from China met to have dinner. There was also a Chinese lantern send-off, but it was so cold we didn't attend. 

Saturday Jadyn was in a  program with her Chinese language school, They preformed for the Chinese/American society.

2014 Chinese New Year

waiting to go on stage.

Yes, she's the only one in purple.  I loved the color.

dancing for the audience.

waiting for dinner

Chinese New Year gift.
I was informed it is not really a horse, it's a unicorn.
But she loved her anyway.