April 23, 2015

What has this girl been up to lately?

Enjoying Taekwondo
This is her good friend from Pre-school.

She earned her first stripe on her orange belt

Her only wish for her 8th Birthday was a new "Panda" room. Many hours were spent on that hot pink wall, making curtains, wall hangings ect. She loves it!

She loves 2nd. grade. I work in her class 2 days a week. She really enjoys it and so do I

yes, that's me left in the dust taking this picture of her and her friend at the mall!
She's so grown up.

Her favorite food ever! Noodles. This makes her day if we go for "noodle lunch"

You will find her in this spot most evenings, watching You Tube videos and cracking up.

Jadyn's annual heart check up once again went perfect. Here she is getting a Holter monitor put on for a 24 hour test.
The results were perfect, we couldn't be happier!

Mommy/ daughter selfie

Chinese New Year 2015 Year of the Sheep!
We spent it in Portland again this year enjoying dinner with Auntie and many other adopted children from China.

Goofy Kid
Her newest love and she's pretty darn good at it
Hula Hooping. Blurry as she's too fast for my iphone camera : )