May 15, 2009

Meet Jadyn

We have been given clearance to share information about our daughter, so without further anticipation...Here she is!
Our little angel's Chinese name is Yang Jun Qi
Yang is her last name, it is given to all children at the Yangzhou orphanage, her first name is Jun (pronounced Chen) her middle name is Qi (pronounced Kee) We will name her Jadyn Brooke, we would like to add one of her Chinese names to her American name, we just have not decided on it yet. She is currently 26 months old and weighs around 21 pounds.



Oh Sue.... I know I have told you already but I am soooo excited for you!!! And she is gorgeous....definitely worth the wait! Little Jadyn is so incredibly blessed to come to you and Ames and your sweet family! We are excited to meet Jadyn and watch her grow!!! We love you guys!

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