January 01, 2010

A Disney Christmas

We ventured away from our traditional Christmas celebration this year......With a trip to Disneyland!! We flew there Christmas morning!

We had a great time, the park was beautifully decorated for Christmas. Disneyland goes all out, just about every ride was in some way decorated for Christmas or changed to have a Christmas theme.

Even the Haunted House was decorated!

Jadyn loved all the characters, as long as they didn't come too close!

Mickey was no exception, here she is when she first noticed him, and then for the photo I had to join in so she would sit next to him.

While waiting in California Adventure park for Daddy and Garrison to finish up on a scary ride we went for a walk, look who we found...

Mulan... the one and only beautiful Asian Princess.
Mommy and Jadyn were so excited!
Jadyn went right to her and gave her a big hug!
I was so glad I had brought my camera to the park that day.

We had a great 5 days in sunny California. I don't think we would go back again at Christmas time, as the park was packed with people who had the same idea as we did.

The kids had a great time, that was our goal. We had to do a lot of one on one time as a 15 yr. old, 8 yr. old and a 2 yr. old have very different ideas of what a fun ride is!!

Jadyn was very cautious, telling us at times "I no like it" meaning she had no interest in going on that ride! It was pretty funny. She did learn to love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, after about the 4th. time on it!!.

enjoying their balloon art


Carey and Norman

What a wonderful Christmas to visit Disney! Never would I have thought to travel there on Christmas. What a fun day!

So glad Jadyn continues to do so well. She gives me hope that Jiake will recover quickly and be doing similar activities soon after coming home.

Hansen Happenings

Ok the picture of Jadyn and Mulan needs to be hung in her room. That is precious!!!

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