October 21, 2010

3 month post-op check up

Yesterday was filled with doctor appointments. In the morning Jadyn had a blood test to check her coumadin level. Coumadin is a medication that she will be on for 6 months, it's job is to thin her blood while her heart heals from surgery.

She has her finger poked every week to check the levels. We have had a hard time keeping her in the therapeutic level, the the amount we give her has been increased for the second time now.
Jadyn prides herself on not crying, the last 2 weeks she hasn't made a peep! The nurse and I are so proud of her. She is sure to tell everyone there that she didn't cry. She walks out of there with a sticker and her favorite treat, a piece of gum.

Daddy left work and met us for lunch, then we all headed to see her cardiologist.

The only thing they decided to do was a chest x-ray.
Her oxygen saturation is a whopping 99% .
The Doctor could not be more pleased with her.
Will will return to see him next spring.


Carey and Norman

Great news! So wonderful to hear that update and read that Jadyn's oxygen levels were 99%!!

Mary and Matt

That is wonderful news!! So glad she is healthy and I LOVE the pigtails! Our travel dates should be coming soon! They expect that we will be bringing Mia home late Nov/early Dec. Just following your journesy with Jadyn is so inspiring! Can't wait to bring our girly home!


YAY Jadyn. So glad to hear that she is doing awesome! :)


Great job Jadyn (for being so brave & not crying and for such a good check-up)!

Mary Schneider


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