January 06, 2011

Memorable Moments of 2010

Seeing her master the stairs for the first time, she was so proud of herself.

Meeting Grandpa for the first time with a big hug

Learning how to show attitude. She is always in such a happy mood, moments like this are camera worthy!

Watching her enjoy everyday of her Make a Wish gift in Maui. I think she will always remember this trip.

Having her final heart surgery. We just dreaded this time and it could not have gone any better. Her heart surgery was text book perfect and it shows!

Walking out of the hospital 8 days after heart surgery a healthy 3 yr old.

Being in the river for the first time. She just loves it.

Her 3rd. birthday, she still talks about it weekly

A daily thing last summer, running in the sprinkler


Mary Schneider

Just got all caught up on your blog....I've been in no man's land for a while! 2010 was a big year for you guys! So glad all the surgeries are a thing of the past! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you guys!

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