May 25, 2011

4 going on 16

Jadyn got a play make-up kit for her birthday, it's one of those little junkie things she picked out with the tickets she won playing games at Chuck E Chee$e.

She loves it.

I have been known to hide it from her from time to time.


I find her in the bathroom like this.

Blue is her eye color of choice.

I think next Halloween she should be a character from the movie Avatar. Except that, her lip choice is purple and lots of it!!

It's a lot of work getting this all off her face.

I'm a little worried for what I have to look forward to, in say, 12 years!

she will walk out of the bathroom and ask her brothers "Do I look beautiful?" you can only imagine their response! Garrison has been seen following her around with a rag, telling her "you have too much on" it's pretty funny.


Mary Schneider

DITTO!!!! OMG, we have a little diva in our house as well. The more bling, the more lip gloss the better....I see a lot of drama in our future! :)

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