October 05, 2011

It's official.....

Our finger sucker has kicked the habit!

Anytime she was relaxing, sleeping or scared the fingers would go into her mouth

We allowed her to do it whenever she wanted the first year she was home, we knew it was her source of comfort.

With a new family and 2 heart surgeries in 11 months, she needed it.

Even in Disneyland!

A few months ago, we started limiting her to bed time or long car rides. Sleeping in the same room as her on trips was miserable. She sucked on 2 fingers so there was not a good seal around them, they would squeak all night long!!

I remember the first night we had her in China, she was in a crib next to our bed. I woke to this weird noise, I could not figure out what it was. I turned on my cell phone light and held it over her crib, it was her sucking her fingers!

Jadyn has broke herself. She has told me every morning for the last week "Mommy I didn't suck my fingers last night because I'm a big girl now"

We are happy for her that she feels so secure she doesn't need to comfort herself.
Also we don't have to listen to the squeak!


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