March 04, 2012

Are you sure?

Those were my words when a Dad of one of Jadyn's little classmates said "Jadyn should return for a complete eye exam" We went to his office on a field trip with her class, he is an optometrist.
I made her an appointment for a few days later and sure enough our girl has a pretty severe astigmatism. Her eye-sight is 20/40 in each eye, but that darn astigmatism distorts her vision pretty bad.

She can have lasik eye surgery to correct this when she is around 20 if she decides on that, until then she will need to wear glasses.
Miraflex frames

We have probably tried 50 pair of frames on her little face over this last week.
Very few have we agreed on.

We have chosen some kid friendly frames made by Miraflex. We ordered her a chocolate pair and a raspberry pair. They should be in this week.

Jadyn calls them sunglasses, I don't think she connects they are to help her see better, she doesn't know her vision is so off, because it has always been.

I'm not going to lie, I was sad for a couple reasons. I even took her to another eye Doctor for a second opinion. Same diagnosis.

1. She has been through so much in her short life, I hated to hear something else is wrong. Although minor, it's another thing for her to maintain and see a doctor for on a regular basis.

2. I don't want to cover up her sweet little face. (I told you, I wasn't going to lie)
I hope we made a good decision on her frames and she will look just as cute wearing them.
Thanks to lots of family input, I think we did.


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