February 22, 2013

Valentines, Star of the week and Ben

Jadyn loved Valentines day.
The party at school left such an impression we are still hearing about this week.
She enjoys school so much, even the part about learning! ha

Posing means "stick out your tummy"

This week Jadyn is the Star Student, which means you get to sit in the teachers chair
and tell the class about a favorite stuffed animal you brought to school that day.
 Several pictures of you and your family are put on the wall for the week.
And the best part, according to Jadyn, is getting to have ice cream with the principal!

An update on our puppy, who is almost 6 months old already!

Ben is a wild beast, he's needy, full of energy and love.
He's the best!
You will almost always see this blanket with him, he's attached to it like a little kid!
an unusual sight, a NAP!



I love Jadyn's Valentine's outfit...and her cute "All About Me" Bear. What a fun idea! Ben's adorable, too. I bet he keeps you all on your toes. Fun to see some current pics. Jadyn looks so precious in her red glasses. :)

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