April 24, 2013

Cardiologist appointment

Jadyn had her 6 month visit with her pediatric cardiologist. Everything looks great. They are doubling her blood pressure medication as she's close to 40 lbs. now. They use this medication to make her heart work as light as possible. Her blood pressure has always been in the normal range and this medication keeps it just under that range.

She had a echo as well. They also hooked her up to a Holter monitor, we have never had one of these tests before. She will wear it for 24 hours.
Jadyn is such a trooper. Her biggest fear over these appointments is pulling off the EKG stickers. But, she went for it on her own and had them all off within seconds!

Unless the Holter shows some concern, we will return in 6 months!

Like a statue for the EKG test

Removing the dreaded stickers
Posing with the giant Giraffe on the wall

Having her Echo

Modeling her Holter


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