July 10, 2013

Tonsil's and Adenoids are finally gone!

Jadyn had her long awaited/ very needed tonsil surgery at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

She did really well and was very brave. Her weakness, liquid medication. The nurse brought in a syringe of medication meant to relax her prior to being taken to the OR. The sight of that did the total opposite, she lost it and started to climb on me like a cat in water. 

The nurse was great, she calmed her down enough to get her to taste it. One big squirt later,  it was over and she became as loopy as a girl on her 21st birthday. It was pretty funny. 

Her procedure was about 45 minutes long. They had to give her some extra medication because her Blood Pressure spiked during surgery and they found some fluid in her lungs.

 All is well, she was in recovery for 3 hours. Jadyn was discharge and we stayed close to the hospital in a comfy hotel for the night. We traveled back home the next day. She seem comfortable as long as I keep up on the pain medication. Her voice is a little animated sounding but that is suppose to go away after she heals.

In the waiting room, loving the fish.

This grossed her out!

Relaxing after going through a fight to not take a little liquid medication, you can see the drama on her face! 

In recovery resting

She woke up being her little happy self!

Relaxing in the hotel



Poor girl! Glad it's over and she will feel some relief being free of those things.She is such a cutie, as always!


Oh Jadyn, yuck, back in the hospital again? I'm glad this was a short operation and short stay.

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