August 09, 2014

5 Year Adoption Reunion and a Family Visit

We left for a 8 day trip to meet up with some of the families we went to China with,  and for a family visit in Kansas. Long delayed flights and even longer car rides made for a tired girl!
on our way to Branson, Mo

Mary & Jadyn 

Max, Lila & Jadyn. Little China buddies (all the kids were adopted the same day)
August 3, 2014 marked our 5 year anniversary of adopting our sweet girl. It was so good see the families we went to China with and how much their little ones have grown.
craft time

and lots of swim time

at a Chinese acrobat show

9 ladies, 4 bikes!

so pretty

a few of the bike riders

at Table Rock Dam with our great friends

Jeron enjoying some go-cart time!

Our dinner Chef, Bob. Who we learned, was adopted as well.
                  After 4 days in Branson, Mo we drove to Kansas to spend time with family.
our sweet 94 yr. old Grandpa Z.

they both loved their time together

At the Zoo. our girl was HOT

her favorite exhibit, the fluffy lil owl.

he looks so cranky!

I mentioned we had long car rides, right?


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