March 05, 2009

Long Road

Some new projections came out today on Rumor Queen, and they are ugly! As you know our Log-in-date is April 29, 2006. According to her predictions, if China continues to refer babies at the rate they are currently, we won't see our daughter until early to mid 2010.

To sum it up we could still have another 18 months to wait, this calculation is based on China referring 3 days of log-in-dates per month, which is a little lower than what they have been doing recently on an average.

I am holding onto the rumor that things will speed up soon. If they increased the days referred to 5 per month that would drop our wait to 10 months. The average days referred lately have been between 2 and 6 days each month. The wait is now 3 plus years, I don't think it has ever reached this length.

We have our paperwork in another source as well, we are one of the first families to receive a referral of a child with a minor correctable special need. We have completed lots of paperwork as to what special need we would feel comfortable with and we wait for a match.

This could happen at anytime if a little girl that meets our requests becomes available. I admit our selection is pretty minor, but I have seen many children who would have met our requests be adopted in the past.


The Vickerman's

ugh... I am praying for you and your family. I am so sorry to hear the "rumor" - i am hoping that's just what it is.

God has a very special little girl picked out for you and he is still preparing everything for you guys to become a family.


Oh my. I hope the timing speeds up, but then I've been saying that for, well, years. I keep thinking about you guys and hoping for the best. I know it's hard to wait, so very hard. While I know now that our Emi is perfect for us, that didn't help when we were waiting.

Thinking of you, Kiy

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