February 28, 2009

Another Month Passes

We have just reached the 34th. month since our log-in-date. Although we don't have day 29 this month, we'll count it as today. I did a couple other calculations and we have officially waited 1036 days since log in. Our official paper work was started 38 months ago or 1161 days.

Here's another look, 2 months before we applied, our youngest son turned 4 years old, he's now 7. OK you get it, we have waited way too long. Each month that passes I hope there will be a speed up. There are rumors of a speed up in the near future, just not this month.
Referrals just came out, it looks like they got to March 6, 2006 families.


Hansen Happenings

Sue, you and Ames are so patient and that baby is so blessed to be coming to a family like yours. It will be worth the wait. Hang on Girl. You are amazing!!!

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