April 13, 2009

Adoption Lifebook/ Scrapbook

An adoption waiting Mom friend of mine, Does that sound confusing? OK, she's waiting for her referral from China too! Anyway, she had a great idea to start her daughters scrapbook or adoption lifebook while waiting! You never know what kind of free time we'll have once they are home.

With all her sneak peeks and tips, she got me anxious to start Jadyn's now too. I made G one several years ago. They are a lot of work and the supplies can really add up, but it's something special she will have her entire life that she can look back on and treasure. Her book will be about her life in China and how she became part of our family.

There are some neat items available, and so much out there is dedicated to China and adoption, it's going to be fun! I have ordered a lot on line, once it shows up, I'll get started.


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