April 29, 2009

Happy "Were Still Hanging In There" Anniversary

Here we are 3 years into our wait. 36 months ago today our paperwork was officially logged into China's adoption data base. In case it isn't already painfully obvious to you, We are really tired of waiting!

It never enterd our minds that we would wait 3 plus years to meet the Chinese daughter we choose to adopt back in 2005. We were drawn to adopt from China due to the large number of abandon baby girls that are waiting in orphanages for a Family to love them.
Many have asked "what is taking so long?" I really wish I could answer that, we have been told so many different things, from the Olympics, to domestic adoption in China is way up, to abandonment's are way down. I really have no firm answer as to why the slow down. We are simply told there are far more families waiting to adopt, then children available.

Many have also asked "how are you so patient and are you going to keep waiting?" That one is easy for us to answer, YES, we will wait as long as it takes, we are inching closer each month. I still hold hope we will have her home in 2009. We are not always so patient, but it's out of our hands, In other words, if we could change it, we would have years ago! Waiting is so hard............
Some polls have been published that estimate a 26-30% drop out rate, families have either change the country they are adopting from, adopted domestically or simply said were done. So you would think with that size of attrition it would affect us and speed things up. Only time will tell. With that said, I hope all those families who have pulled out, have found their child, or feel at peace with their decision. Adoption is not for the light hearted, that's a fact!


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