June 21, 2009

A couple updates

The first one is obvious, our blog has a new look. I was getting a little tired of the pink and figured you were probably too!

Second, we have tentative travel dates!! (not written in stone yet)
Leaving via Portland, Oregon on July 30th. arrive in Beijing July 31st. for 2 days of sight seeing. Fly to Nanjing and receive Jadyn on Aug. 2nd.
We have lots planned for the rest of the 2 weeks while we wait for her passport and visa. Fly home Aug. 13th. I will post our entire itinerary when we know for certain our exact dates.

We sent Jadyn another package, we included a cute pink pair of converse tennis-shoes, a stuffed bunny my parents got for her. A book about a baby and Mommy, I put a picture of me in the book along with a picture of her, hopefully she will get the connection that I am her Mommy and recognize me. Target has the same book in the Baby and Daddy version, I will take that one with me to China, so she can see the connection between Baby and Daddy before we get home.

I thought I would post Jadyn's updated measurements, she is such a tiny girl. It has been hard for me to figure out what size of clothes to buy. Her weight puts her in a 12 month size, but in height she should be in 18-24 months. I have been getting her all 18-24, too big is better than too short!

Height 33.8"
Weight 21 lbs.
Head 17"
Chest 18"
Foot 5"


The Vickerman's

Love the new look- but i did like the pink too:) Yeah!! for travel dates!! Did you guys get your TA? It looks like our girls are about the same height but Maylynn has an extra 10lbs - she's huge! Anyway, we missed you guys yesterday. Can't wait for you guys to travel!! Woohoo!!


Our daughter is in the same boat with the measurements. She needs an 18-24 month for height, but can easily wear 12-18 months for weight. I agree...too big is better than too short (you can always use safety pins while in China)

Have a safe trip. We'll be following along!

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