June 30, 2009

Traveling in Packs

Since we started our adoption it was decided that I would travel to China with my sister to bring Jadyn home. That was over 3 years ago, Jeron had just turned 4 and we didn't want to leave him for such a long time. Plus the boys were in pre-school and school. It was just too much to ask someone to step-in for that long. Things have changed............

Over the weekend we decided to add a couple travelers.
Ames and Jeron are now going to China with Kim and I. We are very excited to be going together. I personally feel better traveling that far away for such an important event with my husband there. Plus we will now be able to complete our adoption for both countries, while in China.

Garrison has decided to stay home with family, entire day long flights, 14 plus days of hotel living and lots of Chinese food isn't too appealing to my teen boy. We will use Skype to keep in touch with him and for him to see his new sister. We are planning to leave either July 29 or 30!


The Vickerman's

Yeah! i"m so glad that Ames and Jeron will be going - it will definately be easier for the adoption process and for you having him there for you:)


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