November 24, 2009

Hair Bows & China's Orphan's

As most of you know from just looking at pictures of Jadyn I love hair bows, she has a few LOT.
I wanted to tell my fellow adoptive Mom's and everyone else who loves bows about a wonderful web site. The owner gives 100% of her bow profits to 'New Day Foster Home' in China when you order an "adoption" bow(s). Deals like this will always get my business, plus they are just plain adorable! Yes, you will soon see Jadyn sporting one of these and possibly one with her name embroidered on it.

You can view all the adorable bows she makes by clicking on the link to the right.

How cute is this!

During our wait for Jadyn, Ames & I were interested in adopting a little girl who lives at New Day Foster Home in Beijing. Unfortunately China does not allow you to "hand pick" a child. So I read their blog regularly to see how she is doing. She is an adorable heart baby, who I hope gets to meet her new parents very soon! Hint..thats her little face in the "N" of the New Day Foster Home link.


Carey and Norman

Those are adorable and for such a great cause. We too considered a heart baby from New Day, but we received J's information the same week and knew he was the one. God has a way of working it all out, doesn't he?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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