November 19, 2009

What is Jadyn Up to?

Giving herself a black eye on the coffee table. This shiner changes daily, the color deepens and seems to spread further under her eye! Boy does Mommy wish this thing would go away! Ouch....

She is finally well from her mild case of pneumonia, she was sick for about 10 days, 7 of those were pretty rough on her. Were not sure if she had the Swine flu or some other flu.

See what she learned when she was sick- how to clean out her dolls nose!

She is talking so much, she can put 4-5 word sentences together, it just shocks us how fast she has picked up our language. It is rare that she speaks Mandarin now. She will still use Mandarin names, like BooBoo for baby and YaYa for Grandpa, she calls her brother's GuGu. But other than that, she is an English speaking toddler.
One more thing....

She is busy "working on" potty training too!


Carey and Norman

Poor thing...that sure is a shiner! Jadyn always looks so cute (even with her black eye). So wonderful to hear that her English is going so well. I am glad she keeps a few of her Mandarin phrases. It is sad when they lose their birth language (we work so hard for them to learn English and then get sad when they forget their birth language....when I realized our daughter couldn't remember many of the Russian words she used daily, I was sad...especially her Russian nickname).

Sorry to hear that Jadyn was so sick. I've hear that heart babies really have a hard time getting over illnesses that other children bounce back more quickly. I hope she is feeling normal again!!

Thinking of you!

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