December 12, 2009


Her little expression reminds me of the day we met her!

Jadyn loves all the pictures of Santa in books, our decorations of him and seeing him on the store shelf. So I was pretty excited to take her to the mall and let her experience Santa for the first time. As we drove there, I kept asking her if she was going to let Santa hold her? she would say "yes, hold Jadyn".

All was fine until she saw him perched in that large green chair. I don't think she understood he was a real person until he reached out for her, she firmly told him "No Sant-na". She wouldn't even look at him. I was able to talk her into sitting on his lap just long enough for this uncomfortable photo that they charged a ridiculous price for.
All for the memories, maybe next year they will be friends!


Carey and Norman

Okay, I just love, love, love this expression. Priceless! You will cherish this photo of Jadyn's first Christmas. It is just so sweet and cute!

Hansen Happenings

I love this picture! What an adorable face!!!!


So cute! :)

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