December 03, 2009

4 Months ago today

Jadyn Aug.3, 09

Jadyn today
Jadyn met us, her new family and we met her, our new daughter.
The 3rd. of each month will always be special to me.

Jadyn is doing wonderful in every aspect. She loves routine, her Daddy coming home from work, her brothers, her baby dolls, eating, her Auntie, going to her brothers hockey games, she also loves all kinds of animals.

Jadyn has a very sweet and loving personality, she is always happy, as long as she gets a nap.

Her English vocabulary is at age level even though she's only heard it for 4 months. She can say anything we ask of her or that she hears us say.
Not always good!!

She weighs 27 pounds and is 36" tall today.
She was 21.5 pounds and 34" tall four months ago.


Carey and Norman

Simply amazing how far Jadyn has come in such a short time. Jadyn is beautiful and I can't wait for Jiake to feel as good as she does!

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