February 01, 2010


Jadyn loves to learn, she shows a big interest in learning so I figured I better make the most of this time with her. We have started doing Pre-school at home 3-4 days a week.

After having 2 boys who would rather play with cars and blocks at her age, this is has a big change.

She will ask for "skool" and run to the cupboard where I keep her stuff. It amazes me how smart this little girl is and how fast she learns.

She can already count to 20. She can sing the ABC song (her version) she has the tune down but not the order yet, it's funny to listen to her try. She loves to do puzzles, glue, sing songs with finger play and color with markers.
Counting the strawberries



We are doing the same thing at home. Sammy LOVES his school. He is totally into books, crafts and any kind of learning activity! It is so amazing to me how he soaks everything in and just always wants more.


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