February 28, 2010

Our girl has caught up!

Soon after Jadyn came home from China we had her tested for gross motor skill development, I knew she was very behind.

I really wanted to make sure we got her the help she needed. She tested at approximately a 12 to 14 month old, she was 30 months old. She did not know how to run or jump, she was very unstable on her feet. She looked like she had just learned to walk when we received her. Stairs were something she obviously had never been exposed to.
Her little legs weren't strong enough to even step up or off a curb.

Fast forward 4 short months since her great friend and therapist Jenny has come over to "play" and our girl is graduating! No more physical therapy. Jadyn just needed the opportunity and time to catch up!

She runs, she jumps, she climbs up and down our stairs all on her own!!

This is how it's done

One foot in front of the other!!

She has made huge strides and we are so proud of her!

I cant wait for springtime so she can play outside and continue to explore with her strong little legs.


Carey and Norman

So wonderful to see these photos of Jadyn. I am always amazed at how quickly children progress once home. Jadyn is adorable and I cannot wait until Jiake is moving around just like her!

Thanks again for your comments! I hope one day our paths will cross!!

Mary and Matt

She is a beautiful little girl and following your blog gives us reassurance that our little one will be OK. The waiting to bring her home is brutal though!


That's wonderful news that Jadyn is doing so well. These children are amazingly resistant aren't they? Same thing with Samantha, she did not know how to run or jump and now she can. We also had a them come to evaluate her speech and they said she is doing great so I was happy for that and so happy to hear how well Jadyn is doing. She has a wonderful family who takes great care of her. :)


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