June 07, 2010


Ames and the kids got me a light meter for Mother day and studio lighting for my birthday. I'm trying to learn how to use it, correctly. Jadyn is the only child in our house that will actually sit and smile for me. The boys will entertain her in the background but prefer to stay behind my camera.

Don't laugh, I wanted to see if she had enough hair for braids!

Maybe it needs to grow a little longer.

More practice. She's on the horse again, because she stays put loves him!

Jadyn, Thank you for being so patient with Mommy.
I love you!!


Carey and Norman

Great pictures. I think the lighting helps! Thanks for sharing...makes me wonder if something similar would help me too!


Cute! Aren't lightmeters great? Are you lovin' it yet?

Mary Schneider

Practically a pro photographer! You have the sweetest little model ever!

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