June 03, 2010

Memory Lane

I can hardly believe it's been 10 months since we met Jadyn!. She has grown and changed so much, she was so baby-like. Now she is a busy, talkative, happy little girl.

August 3, 2009

Oh how I loved this moment, she hasn't done this for months!

She still wears her bracelet daily

May 2010
10 months, 10 pounds, and lots of love!
ohh and some hair!
I had my camera on the wrong setting, but like the pose: (

It's boring hard work being a model for Mommy


Carey and Norman

Wow...ten months. Amazing how time flies once home.

Congratulations on your trip to Hawaii. You will have a fabulous time!

Mary Schneider

Can you believe China was 10 months ago???!!! In some ways it feel like yesterday, but in many ways it feels like a lifetime ago! It's been a joy to see Jadyn blossom in your love.


Happy 10 mos. home sweet princess.

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