December 16, 2010

Santa take II

Take II

She has been sooo excited to go see Santa. As soon as we got there and she saw him she ran over to the area. We walked into the fenced off area where he sits and it all changed!

She no longer wanted anything to do with him. I could not talk her into it or bribe her (yes, that sometimes works) even Santa's helpers tried. She agreed to stand by him but nothing more.

They took her picture, We paid and left. As we walked around the mall she suddenly said "I'm ready to sit on Santa's lap now". I said "are you sure?" she was, so we walked back and sure enough, she climb right up there and even gave him a hug.

Santa was so happy she came back, he got up and came over to tell me she made his day by returning.

I think she was disappointed in herself for not sitting with him. I'm so proud of her.

Take I
What you don't see, because Santa's helper cut it out, is me holding her left hand.

Take II is such a happier picture!



Oh Sue! How cute is this? Gotta love the way kiddos act when they see Santa. I know he can seem scary sometimes. I love Jadyn's Christmas dress. It is beautiful and so is she! By the way, I absolutely loved your Christmas card.

I think I finally got that commenting problem with my blog fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. Hope you have a very merry Christmas.



hi sue,
my name is haley and i found your blog from the 'no hands but ours site'. we are reviewing a file right now for a little girl in china with heart problems similar to your duaghter's, i believe. i was not able to pull up your email but was wondering if you'd be willing to email me when you have a chance. i will be honest... we are so scared and have TONS of questions and would just love to connect with someone who has been down this road! thanks, haley-- my email is

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