December 08, 2010

We're Back!

Sorry for the long delay in posting.
Jadyn had walking pneumonia, she was pretty sick for about 8 days. We had a good case of cabin fever by the time she was well enough to go out. She had a cough that was so ugly I would not take her anyplace. I would have ran the other way if she wasn't my kid!. Some strong antibiotics and breathing treatments helped a lot.

I still think she gets sicker than the average kid, not sure if it's because she was in a orphanage for 2 years and not around too many germs or if it's that her immune system is still weak from heart surgery.

She's well now and that's a good thing because her and Mom have lots of Christmas shopping and Santa Clause visiting to do!

Going shopping!


Carey and Norman

Jadyn continues to dazzle in her attire. She is the best dressed child! Love it!

I cannot believe how much snow you've gotten already. Our kids are dying for snow.

Sorry to hear that Jadyn was sick. Being a heart baby, I know you cringe when your child is sick especially with pneumonia. Glad she is feeling better!!


Poor baby, I sure hope she is feeling better.

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