February 25, 2011

Birthday countdown!

Jadyn and I have been planning her party, she is so excited she can hardly stand it. Everyday, several times a day she asks "Is tomorrow my birthday", this may teach me a lesson to not say anything in the future until it's much closer. But then it would cut down on her excitement, so I'm sure nothing will change next year!

She wants a Princess party this year. I booked her party at a children's salon, we chose the Royal princess party. They do dress up time, glitter polish manicures and Princess up-do's.
Just her thing!

We went shopping yesterday and got a few party favors to send home with her little friends. She spotted this crown, I think she will wear it until her party!

She even has a birthday gift list that she shared with Daddy & I, it hasn't changed in days. We will be shopping for an Olivia doll, a Tinkerbell dress with shoes and Tinkerbell toys.

How does one become American-ized so quickly?

Thank you Auntie for the paper dolls, I love them!



How cute! Happy upcoming birthday to Jadyn. She sounds like a combination of my girls. Sofia loves Tinkerbell and Sammy loves girly-girl things and princess parties. I can hardly believe how grown up Jadyn is getting. Gosh Sue, she is stunning!


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