March 03, 2011

Today happens to be the 3rd of the Month.....

It's a special day to me each month, as I count back in my head exactly how many months ago we met Jadyn. Today marks 19 months!

I have been working on a book for her, compiling all of her baby pictures in a keepsake. I love to look at these pictures. She was just so adorable and they make me so thankful that she has a family and no longer lives in the orphanage. I know she was loved there, but not like she is loved now!

she is aprox. 10 months old here.

The photo below was taken with the camera we sent to her in a care package, just a couple weeks before we met her.

she was so tiny!

another one of my favorites, she is looking at the photo album we sent her.

Notice all the bracelets she has on? one of them was on her ankle when we got her.
I have put it away for when she is older.

Sweet baby, she still loves her snacks!



Happy 19!

Hope Jadyn had a great birthday too!

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