January 08, 2009

Where We Sit

A picture to follow up on where our dossier has been sitting for the last 32 months. These are all adoptive families files sitting in the matching room. I wonder if they have been dusted!


Lisa Cairney

Hi there, Sue! I swung by to say hello and thanks for stopping by the blog and I am in awe of the length of your wait!!! My goodness. That is a VERY long time to wait to bring home your sweet Jadyn. I hope that the remaining wait goes quickly and that it does not turn out to be as long as expected. I'm so intrigued by your marriage in the Bahamas! So exotic! And also how you managed to get a pic of the Matching Room! I've never seen that before....so interesting and disheartening at the same time. Oh dear. Well, maybe your file is sitting RIGHT ON THE TOP. Let's hope so!

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