January 05, 2009

Our Time Frame

Way, way back....................On December 25, 2005 Christmas evening, we completed our initial application asking to be accepted by an agency to adopt from China.

Our application was approved by Children's Hope International in early January 2006, we then started what was a roller coaster of collecting, notarizing and authenticating piles of paperwork, for the completion of our dossier. We had a home study done, several police and FBI background checks, finger printing, and the all so famous (and expensive) immigration approval.

This process took us 4 months to complete. The hardest form to come by was our marriage certificate, we actually had to hire an attorney in the Bahamas to retrieve this for us. Ames and I worked on this daily, My goal was to have all our paperwork to China by May 2006. The picture above is our completed dossier, each piece is notarized and authenticated by the Chinese embassy here in the US.

Our Log in Date (lid) with China is April 29, 2006. As I start this blog, it is now January 2009, and we still wait!. China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) is matching families with a March 1, 2006 lid. When we started our adoption process the wait was 6-9 months. It has kept growing since. The wait right now is approximately 33 months and climbing.
I predict late 2009 we will be offered a little girl. We are so close, but so far away. We will name our daughter Jadyn Brooke.


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