January 30, 2009

My New Camera

It's here, my new TOY, left on my door-step by UPS. I have shopped and researched this camera and many others more than any car I have ever purchased.

My boys have been warned threatened that they will be my subjects and that they better smile.

I have signed up for an online photography class for beginners, like me. After looking through the manuals, I'm going to need it!

This camera is capable of taking some amazing pictures, so I'll need to learn how to get out of the point and shoot mode. The class starts in a few weeks, just enough time for me to get acquainted with Mr. Nikon.

My primary goal with this camera is to capture as much of Jadyn's heritage as I can while I'm in China. Not to mention the cute faces of my family members.


Hansen Happenings

Congratulations on your new toy. When you learn how to use it how about giving your neighbor some pointers!!!

The Vickerman's

Where did you find out about the online class - i'm thinking that i should do that too...

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