October 14, 2009


Jadyn had her 6 week post op check-up today. She was not as thrilled as her Doctor and I, but she did better, no tears when we walked in the front door.

She does not have to return to see her cardiologist for 6 months! He wants her to get a flu shot (both kinds) next week and enjoy being 2!

We can even pick her up under her arms now, no more butt scooping. That really made it hard to get her in and out of her car seat and just plain remembering to pick her up correctly. Her breast bone and incision scar look great as well.

They are planning on doing the second and final stage of her heart repair next Spring or summer.

I mentioned in my last post that Jadyn was going to be having some physical therapy for Gross motor skills, she had that appointment yesterday. Just as I figured she is behind, things like stairs, running and good balance needs some help.
They also tested her in fine motor and she surpassed her age group, she tested above age level in social skills and problem solving too. She is a smart little girl!

The therapists were very impressed. 2 months ago she was living in a orphanage and today she is a happy, healthy, mostly on target 2 year old. They predict with their help, in 6 months she will be on target in Gross motor. She really enjoyed the "testing" they do it through play and she really had no idea it was anything more than fun play time. In fact she was upset when it was time to leave!

Starting next week a therapist will come to our house once a week to work with Jadyn until she feels she is caught up.

Enjoy the picture, I think we have a little Diva, if only I could get a pose and a smile at the same time!



I love the dramatic pose! That's great that she is on target. Our biggest worry is speech development. Lila understands so much but is only saying a few words. What a relief to know her surgery went so well.



What a cute little model. Congrats! katrina


She is such a little doll! I have been following you journey and I'm so glad to hear she is doing so well!

Carey and Norman

That picture is precious! Love it!!

So glad that Jadyn is doing so well post surgery and also tested well for fine motor development! Such a smart, beautiful girl you have.

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