October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

It took one house and Jadyn had it down! She kept saying "Jadyn caney"(candy) that KitKat was hers and she let everyone know it! I just love to watch her experience new things. She was so excited!

As for Dracula, can you read the look on his face? he was not happy with his make-up and was not at all thrilled that Mom was making him go trick or treating. It has never been his favorite thing, plus it's his birthday today and we are out of town in a hotel. Big brother has hockey this weekend! Happy Birthday Jeron!

Our pretty little bug

Ohh that was fun!


Carey and Norman

Sweet costumes. So glad that Jadyn enjoyed Halloween. Love her costume. It is wonderful to see her enjoying so many firsts (can't wait till Christmas)!

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