October 08, 2009

She's here....

Jadyn's WheeleyBug came today. She "test drove" one of these ride-on's at our local children's boutique and just loved it. It was just so expensive, we left without one.

Once home I did some research on-line and found they have received lots of awards for gross motor skill development. That pretty much sold me on it her, Miss Mouse. Thanks to e*Bay for the great deal too.

Jadyn is behind on her gross motor skills. She has no idea how to climb stairs, jump, run, ect. She is starting physical therapy next week for this.

It's very common for a child who has lived in an orphanage to come home behind in some sort of motor skill. We are confident she will catch up quickly, as she has already come a long way in her walking since she has been home.

I know, she's missing her pants and socks, Miss Mouse came during her nap and there was no time to get dressed once she saw her!


Carey and Norman

I love it! I think I saw a lady bug one on someone else's blog and thought they are so, so cute! Glad you were able to get one on ebay!

The Road To Zen

That is so so so cute and you know she is loving her Miss Mouse. I am getting so nervous about going to China. Not about the trip but about gotcha day. I hope ZenXiao is happy to see me. I am puzzled about what to do with her the first day to make her feel comfortable. HELP!

Wife of the Pres.

She WILL amaze you with how quickly she catches up! S did not even qualify for any help b/c she was already 3, but we worked with her at home and now she is doing things just like others her age. When she came home at 3, she could barely even crawl up the stairs (really she couldn't) much less walk. She couldn't run, jump, and walking was awkward.

We're rooting for you Jadyn! And Miss Mouse is too cute!

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