March 04, 2010

29.6 pounds

and growing fast.....

6 months ago Jadyn was 21.5 pounds. She is not/was not on a special diet or high calorie food, but she is catching up to her peers, quickly.

We are seeing a new pediatrician, and she gave us a case of pediasure, I said wait, she is already flying through clothes. She is fitting into a 3t very nicely.

The goal is to have her as close to 35 pounds as we can by mid-summer. She will be having her second and final open heart surgery (Fontan procedure) and they need her to beef it up, as the Dr. called it!

Our girl is already getting chubby cheeks!

She's trying to hide them here!

ahhh there they are!!

We will do whatever it takes to get her big and strong!



I was looking at older pictures and it is amazing how different she looks. I see the same thing in Lila. It's amazing how the proper medical care and surgeries are already helping them. Lila's at 27 pounds from 21 so Jayden really has gained a lot! When is her 3rd birthday, isn't it in March?

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