March 18, 2010

First of all ....Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day was spent at the Doctor's office. Jadyn started getting a cold last Sunday and she has just kept getting worse. Her Doctor was sure she had RSV, but the test came back negative. Jadyn was not impressed with the little metal wire with a ball of cotton on top that was pushed up her nose for the test. The nurse was fast and quickly handed her a sucker.

Her Doctor gave her a diagnosis of bronchitis and double ear infections and sent us home with a nebulizer machine and 3 prescriptions. I had no clue she had ear infections. Her right side is pretty nasty, she has a ugly cough and runny nose.

This girl needs to get well, she has a big party to attend this weekend as the guest of honor, celebrating her 3rd. Birthday!! We assume this will be her first birthday party, so we have planned something special for her.

Jadyn's is going here with 6 guests

After Build a Bear, we will have a family party at my Niece's house in Portland.

We have chosen Jadyn's favorite cartoon character as the theme... Kai-Lan

We cant wait to give her this
Warning... there will soon be another 3 year old driver on the road!
Stay tuned for party pictures!


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