March 25, 2010

Going to pick up my friend

Just smile and wave

Off to the mall

Oh I think we should have went that way...

There's nothing better then cruising with your BFF on a warm spring day!


Carey and Norman

I just love how cute Jadyn is driving her and her friend around. Happy Belated Birthday Jadyn. I love the Build a Bear party idea and her Kai Lan cake was to cute. So glad that Jadyn was feeling better for her big celebration.

Jadyn's Saint Paddy's Day outfit was so adorable. I love it!!

Thanks for sharing the other blog. I hope to catch up reading it today or tomorrow.

Carey and Norman


I just realized why J's surgery was different than Jadyns and Nini's. J already had stenosis in his pulmonary artery which allowed the muscles on the left side of his heart to be strengthened enough to handle the higher pressure of supplying blood to the body. Since his left ventricle was of adequate size, they were able to just switch the arteries below the valves. The existing good valve was used for the left ventricle (high pressure side) and they replaced the valve with stenosis to an artificial valve for the low pressure side (right ventricle). He will have to have his artificial valve replaced as he gets older.

I just realized this by reading Nini's blog. This is why J's oxygen is now in the 90's and Jadyns is in the 80 's.

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