April 28, 2010

A few more park pictures.

These pictures are from a birthday party that Jadyn attended.
The birthday girl came home from China the same month as Jadyn did.

The girls are 3 weeks apart in age

They had so much fun together

Jadyn loves to blow bubbles

Checking out her loot!


The Vickerman's

They did have somuch fun together! We need to do it again soon!

Carey and Norman

I can't get over how grown up Jadyn looks in these pictures. She has really matured this spring.

I'm glad she is enjoying the park. We still haven't been as I'm keeping J away from the parks/public until we return for bloodwork in June for his white blood cell count. I'm looking forward to venturing out even though I wouldn't if I saw that sign either. Yikes!

So glad that Jadyn is enjoying the warmer weather. Thinking of you as you prepare for her upcoming surgery late summer/fall.

The Road To Zen

Jayden is too cute. She looks so happy and healthy. I hope she is adjusting well, it would appear that she is :). Summers coming and we can show our girls a good time. Take care and enjoy your moments with her. Kelli


Thx ur share........................................


How cute are they? Looks like the girls had a super-duper fun time and what a special bond to share. :)


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